A downloadable project for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Do you want to create your own Baldi's Basics Mod, but don't have the time to download all that stuff by yourself? Well, The Baldi's Basics Mod Maker is here! This includes Baldi's Basics V1.4.1 (other versions coming soon), Baldi's Field Trip, and Baldi's Birthday Bash! That's right, Birthday Bash! Check out the Important folder, It includes UABE, dnSpy, and a playlist at the README text, but DO NOT delete that folder. Plz?

Also, The Baldi's Basics Mod Maker is not supported for Mac OS, Linux, or Android. They will come in a future update. But, the mod menus are.

P.S: I'll do the assets, and audio  later on the V1.4.3 version.  From now on, DIY (Do it yourself), you got your instructions in the important folder. NO (No offense)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tagsbaldi, mod-maker, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Baldi's Mod Maker.rar 481 MB
BB V1.4.1 Mod Menu (if you want to use).zip 154 kB
BBFT Mod Menu (If you want to use).zip 24 kB
baldisbasicsbbv1_0modmenuv1_0.zip 158 kB
baldisbasicsv1_4_3modmenuv1_14.zip 190 kB

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I wish this was available on Android :-( well I guess I'm fine with it.

Create something that should happen at my Schoolhouse

I'm not really an Igglybuff

What Do I Have To Do I Dont Know

Use the videos to help you. There in a text document in the IMPORTANT folder.

Just extract the files then move the .dll file to your Baldi_Data (WARNING: The file must be move to a 1.4.1. or 1.4.3. file (if you have download the 1.4.1. file you must move the .dll file to 1.4.1. Baldi_Data) to work.)

Otherwise the game will be stuck (press Alt+F4 to quit) or the game will be open a WARNING window and then game will be close. 

I couldn't understood anything about the mods?!

i downloaded all and when i do it, no mod menu. is there a button that i push to put it on???

When you click story mode or endless mode, press the tab button on your PC keyboard.

press ta


do you have to download all of these?

Can you add a zip. file for the Mod Maker please???

just download 7zip

I'm waiting for this

Thank you so much for creating the 1.4.3 mod menu :)

Thx yeet

Plz make a mod menu for Baldi' basics in wild west edition 1.4. (plz this is my favourite mod and l have play SUPER FAST MOD???)





Can l mod a game at version 1.4.???

Let's see if is good... I hope yes!

add some screenshots!


Maybe later, mate.

Thanks for making 1.4.3 mod menu

It take me too long..

Well, i told u it will take a couple hours if you clicked more information.

It's now downloaded, Now i can mod

how to mod audio without unity?

I don't know how to do that mate. Just download Unity yourself, it's free!

ok! ;)

Yeah, but is too crazy (it's very hard to understand how you can use it)


wut u talkin bout bro


Can you update this for 1.4.3?



Which of these Mod menus are for Baldi's basics 1 year bash?


I'll add that later.

(1 edit) (+1)

plz tell me when you create this menu


all I got was just ordinary baldi's baics is theresomething wrong with me?


@EMERALDBUCKET You must download the latest original mod of Baldi's basics


It works!!!

l tried all Mod menu mods..

...and finally you made this REALLY MOD MENU





l have an idea:

add speed and slow motion (e.g. When sb talking hear in slow or fast motion))

(1 edit)

you are right

that will be a funny idea!!!


How did you made this mod maker?

l want to know.










The BBFT Mod Menu doesn't work. I read the READ ME File.